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Дръжка за прозорец  Elegant

Lockable window handle New York

Lockable window handle  New York.

Finish: white, dark brown, bronze, inox

Producer: Hoppe AG Germany

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  • inox
  • bronze
  • white
  • dark brown

Lockable window handle  New York - model Secu100® .

Secu100® – Standard for performance, security and ease of use

The Secu100® technology resists to 100 Nm of forceful turning or pulling the window handle off the rosette. High mechanical security hampers break-ins and offers more protection against unauthorized opening from the inside for example by children.




  Secu100® – The performance standard
  • The handles meet the requirements of the European standard DIN EN 1627-1630.

  • Attractive and well-proven handle designs.

  • They also meet the DIN 18104-1 standard for burglar-resistant retrofitted products.

  • Attractive benefit/price ratio.

 Secu100® – The security standard
  • Meets all requirements of resistance classes RC1-6 when used with the appropriate window.

 Secu100® – The standard for ease of use
  • Enables quick and easy locking of the closed or tilted window "at the touch of the button" on the lock.

  • Increased ease of use by means of the large reversible key.

  • Secu100® is a registered trademark.

Material: aluminium

Finish: white, dark brown, bronze, inox

Weight: 0,400 кг

Producer: Hoppe AG Germany