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Locking plates for padlock


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High Security locking plates Mul-T-Lock. Specially designed for use with padlock Hockey Puck. Producer:   MULTLOCK Ltd. Israel                               
Locking plates GEVY for glass doors Suitable for installation in a glass with a thickness up to 10 mm . Finish: chrome Producer: GEVY Greece
Locking plates PAL 40 00 62  Pair of fixed brass hasps  Producer:   CORBIN Italy 
Locking plates PAL 24 00 65  Locking plates for portal gates. Producer: CORBIN Italy 
Padlock locking plates ABLOY PL200 / PL202 / PL201 / PL203 EN 12320 grade 3 for PL200 / PL202 EN 12320 grade 3 for PL201 / PL203 Producer:  ABLOY Finland                            
Padlock locking plates ABLOY PL200 / PL202 EN 12320 grade 3 Producer:  ABLOY Finland