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Door accessories are an integral part of doors. Intesa offers a variety of different accessories - stoppers - standard and innovative, door viewers with video cameras, latches and reamers, hangers, ornaments and figures for WC, bells and knockers, door seals and brushes, schnappers, decorative rosettes and more. Everything you need for your front or interior door is here.

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BGN67.76 BGN77.00 -12%
ANGIE transmitters are exclusively designed to control electric gates, doors, road barriers, rolling shutters and similar products. Manufacturer:   Proteco S.r.l. Italy
Brass bell Leoncino 7.2090. Finish:  brass, antique brass Producer:  Cottali Ltd. Italy
Security locks for rolling shutters IBFM 431B Producer:   IBFM Ltd. Italy
Door knocker Victorian Finish:  brass, chrome Producer:   Martinelli Ltd. Italy
Flush bolt for metal doors IBFM 420 Producer:  IBFM Ltd. Italy
Door knocker Barocco Piccolo Finish:  brass Producer:   Martinelli Ltd. Italy
BGN67.76 BGN77.00 -12%
Door knocker Barocco Grande Finish:  brass, chrome, satin chrome Producer:   Martinelli Ltd. Italy
For securing doors, windows, sliding and lifting ones on caravans, boats, etc. against burglary. An elegant look of a keyless bolt base model. Material: steel Manufacturer:...
Door knocker Leone Grande Finish:  chrome, satin chrome Producer:   Martinelli Ltd. Italy
Bolt for PVC profiles. Finish:  white, brown Producer:  AGIP IMPORT&EXPORT CO LTD
Door knocker Basket. Finish:  black Producer:   Cottali Ltd. Италия
Brass plate for 1 number. Finish: antique brass Manufacturer : Cottali Ltd. Italy
Hanger Rustico 3.2385 Finish:  black Producer:   Cottali Ltd. Italy
Window Hook. Color: antique brass, antique brass Manufacturer: Arieni Ltd. Italy
Hanger Big 6.1020 Finish:  brass, chrome, satin chrome Producer:   Cottali Ltd. Italy    
Security door chain Material:  nickeleted steel
Brass figures WC Finish:  brass, satin nickel Producer:   Arieni Ltd. Italy
Bolt for door 687. Finish:  brass, bronze, chrome Producer:   Arieni Ltd. Italy
Hanger Anello 6.1370 Finish:   black+brass, black+satin chrome Producer:   Cottali Ltd. Italy
Bolt in aluminium narrow type IBFM 26 Suitable for aluminium and wooden profile. Finish:   Aluminium anodized silver   Producer:   IBFM Ltd. Italy
Service lock switch D7 with frontal
Little bolts rounds IBFM 7 Suitable for wooden doors. Finish: galvanized steel Producer: IBFM Ltd. Italy
Symmetric roller latch. The roller latch protrusion can be ad-justed by means of a screw in the front plate. The door must have a door pull.
Safety knob round escutcheon with visible screws.  For security doors. Finish:  brass, satin brass, graphite brass, chrome, satin chrome, black Producer:   Cottali Ltd.Italy
Cover set for lock B-NO-HA, MDF Color:  white matt Producer: BONAITI SERRATURE SpA Italia
Hanger  281 Colgador Finish: bright chrome, gold plated Producer:  ESTAMP Spain
Flush bolt with staple Suitable for wooden doors. Finish:  brass, bronze, nickel Producer:   IBFM Ltd. Italy
Hanger 287 Jaws Finish:  dull chrome Producer:  ESTAMP Spain
Bolt for door La Florida 4120. For wooden doors. With strike. Finish:  bronze Producer:  La Florida Ltd.Italy
Hanger Slide 286 Finish:  dull chrome Producer:  ESTAMP Spain