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List of products by brand Abus

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Патрон серия  D10  с ямков ключ,  прорязан . Цвят:  никел  Произход:  ABUS Германия
Патрон серия  D6   с ямков ключ. Цвят:  никел  Произход:  ABUS Германия
Abus hasp 110/155 with hinge can be used wherever you want to secure something by its corner. Manufacture: ABUS Germany 
Bicycle U-Lock Ultra mini 410/150 HB 140 complete with steel cable. Color: green + black Manufacturer: Abus - Germany
Bicycle lock U-Lock Ultra mini 410/150 HB 140. Color: green + black Manufacturer: Abus - Germany
Aluminium padlock ABUS 724/20 with resettable code. Colours:  green, orange, purple, titanium Producer:   ABUS - Germany
Aluminium padlock ABUS 724/30 with resettable code. Colours:  blue, green, red, titanium Мanufacturer :   ABUS - Germany
Aluminium padlock ABUS 724/40 with resettable code. Colours:  titanium Producer:   ABUS - Germany
Steel rope for bicycles IVERA Steel-O-Flex 7200/110 Color: black/blue Manufacturer: ABUS Germany
Bed cover holder JC1300 JANITA  - 4 pcs Stops children from losing their bed covers when asleep. Color:  white Producer :  Abus Germany
Bed guard ERIC JC9100  Color:  white, dark blue/white Producer :  Abus Germany
Coil cable lock for bicycle ABUS STAR 4508C Color: black Producer: ABUS Germany
Cabinet lock with flexible strap JC4900 JULIAN For cupboard doors with knobs or handles Color:  white Producer :  Abus Germany
Chain lock 1200/60 Web color Color: black, red, coral, lime Locking type:  number combination Producer: Abus GERMANY
Granit CityChain X Plus 1060 bicycle chain lock Color: black Manufacturer: ABUS Germany
Combination padlock ABUS 155/30. Strong zinc-die cast body with hardened steel shackle Model 155/30: individually resettable 3-digit code Producer: ABUS - Germany
Cylinder TI12 DIN. Material:  Titalium Manufacturer:  ABUS Germany
Digital bath and shower thermometer with alarm JC8740 PIA Color:  white Weight:  0,070 kg Producer :  Abus Germany
Doorstop Abus JC6100A LEIF Color:  grey Weight:  0,063 kg Producer :  Abus Germany
Doorstop JC5200A MILLIE Color:  black Weight:  0,012 kg Producer :  Abus Germany
Edge guard Abus JC3400A TOBI  - 4 pcs Color:  transparent Weight:  0,030 kg Producer :  Abus Germany
Edge guard JC3500 JANNIC  - 4 pcs Color:  beige Weight:  0,030 kg Producer :  Abus Germany
U-Lock Facilo 32/150HB300+USH32 Arch Bicycle Lock + Clamps Color: black Manufacturer : ABUS Germany
Facilo 32/150HB2300 Arch Bicycle Lock+Clamps+Steel Rope Color:  black Producer:   ABUS Germany
Flower pot guard JC1430 NOAH  Color: brown Producer :  Abus Germany
Folding lock BORDO GRANIT XPlus™ 6500 Folding Lock. The 5.5mm bars from specially hardened steel and connected with special rivets. Manufacturer: Abus Germany
Universal bolt JC1100A DANNI Color:  white Weight:  0,018 kg Producer :  Abus Germany
Locking mechanism for disc brakes on motorcycles and bicycles. Color : yellow, red, black Manufacturer: ABUS Germany
Lock stripe JC6602 MIMI Velcro strip for cupboard and drawers Color:  white Producer:  Abus Germany
Magnetic closure JC4500 Marc -  3 pcs Color: white Producer: Abus Germany