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List of products by brand Intesa

Anti-parking device with lock Abloy Solid metal construction. Finish: powder coating , orange color Weight: 8,000 kg. Producer: Intesa Ltd.
Door handle with square rose 52 mm for ordinary key, cylinder or WC. Color:   black
BGN9.50 BGN12.50 -3.00 BGN
Door handle BBD 70 Pair handles on plate 70 mm for key. Finish: black
Secure storage for keys and other valuables. Color : grey/black Production: INTESA
Key safe INTESA with hidden combinator and arch. Colour: grey/black From Intesa
BGN9.00 BGN14.10 -5.10 BGN
Lock Intesa for WC interior doors. Full compatibility with Bulgarian locks with the specified dimensions. Square for the WC lock 8 mm. Color:  nickel
Door opening buffer  diameter  60 mm, 2 pieces Finish:  transperant, beige, white, dark brown Weight:  0,070 kg
Door opening buffer 60 mm Finish:  transperant, beige, white, dark brown Weight:  0,050 kg
Handle Marea + Knob Victorian Ø55 mm  passive with roses Ø50 mm  Finish: satin chrome Producer : Binalia SRL Romania