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List of products by brand Ghidini Италия

Door handle with Ø 45 mm rosette for key, cylinder or WC.  Finish: satin chrome, black, graphite brass, brass Manufacturer: Ghidini Italy.
Door handle with square rose 45 mm for ordinary key, cylinder or WC. Color:   satin chrome Producer:   Ghidini  Italy
BGN58.00 BGN77.33 -25%
Pull handle  Airone. Finish:  satin chrome Producer:   Ghidini Spa Italy MADE  IN  ITALY
Pull handle Steel 103  - in a set of two handles. With fixing elements for wooden / metal / glass door. Finish: stainless steel Manufacturer:  Ghidini Italy MADE...
Sliding oval handle  GIOIA.   Finish : brass Producer:   Ghidini Spa Italy MADE  IN  ITALY
BGN18.20 BGN35.30 -17.10 BGN
Window handle Airone DK Colour: satin chrome Manufacturer: Ghidini Spa Italy MADE  IN  ITALY
Window handle 7900 DK Colour: white, black, silver Manufacturer: Ghidini Spa Italy