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List of products by brand FAPIM Италия

Automatic drop threshold DA 0551.  Suitable for aluminium, PVC or steel doors. Material:  aluminum  Manufacturer:   Fapim S.p.A. Italy
Automatic drop threshold DA 1502. Suitable for wooden  doors. Material:  aluminum Manufacturer:   Fapim S.p.A.  Italy    
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Automatic drop threshold  DA 1552.  Suitable for wood, PVC and armored doors. Material:  aluminum  Manufacturer:  Fapim S.p.A. Italy
Automatic drop threshold DA 2552. Suitable for wood, aluminum, PVC and armored doors.  Material: aluminum Manufacturer: Fapim S.p.A. Italy
Automatic door bottom seal DA 4002.  Suitable for aluminum, metal and armoured doors. Material: aluminum Manufacturer: Fapim S.p.A. Italy