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KESO "8000Ω2" 81.E14 half cylinder

KESO 8000Ω² 81.E14 half cylinder

High Security half cylinder 8000Ω² 81.E14.

With highest protection against breakage, pulling and spreading.

Certified to DIN EN 18252, DIN EN 1303:2015-8, VdS BZ+

Manufacturer: KESO AG Switzerland

Tax included

High Security half cylinder 8000Ω2 81.E14.

Innovative modular system: cylinder design based on a modular insert system

Active copy protection Omega²

High protection against drilling and pulling certified according to VdS BZ(+)

Two independent drilling lines and up to 15 hardened pins (pin locking elements) result in complex combinatorics

With hardened locking elements HRC60 and picking protection

Patented front profile in key stop

Complete with 3 keys

Material: chrome nickel steel

Weight: 0,440 kg

Manufacturer: KESO AG Switzerland