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Lock Iseo 770 for sliding gates

Lock Iseo 770 for sliding gates

Typical lock for mechanical sliding doors.

Dimensions: E 50 mm L 98 mm

Material: galvanized steel

Manufacturer: ISEO Group Italy

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Mortice lock for mechanical gates with spring hook bolt with 40 mm protrusion. 

The 12 mm diameter fixed pin ensures that the gate is locked securely by preventing it from being lifted.

A handle lifts the hook and pulls the gate. The 4x25x211 mm faceplate ensures protection for the lock.

The lock is a classic lock for mechanical sliding gates. One of the most common applications

for this type of lock is for gates delimiting the exterior grounds of homes and condominiums

The handle lifts the sprung hook bolt

The key locks/unlocks the hook and the handle

Dimensions: E 50 mm L 98 mm

Material: galvanized steel

Manufacturer: ISEO Group Italy

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