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Electric strike for safety doors SECUREMME 5528 6-12V AC

Electric strike  for safety doors SECUREMME 5528 6-12V AC Fail Secure

Electric strike for access control for safety doors.

Finish: Inox

Producer: Securemme Italy 

Tax included

Electric strike for safety doors 5528 6-12V AC

Power supply 6-12V AC

Released and ready for opening only once on electric pulse. Manual releasing lever.

Release lever for temporary disengagement (off during the day).

Automatic anti-closure device (antirepeater).

Adjustable until 4 mm.

The article is available complete of 4 screws and cable of connectian (lenght 1mt) prompt to use.

Voltage: 12V / AC

Left or right hand door

Adjustable latch: 4 mm

Finish: Inox

Front plateH 250 mm х W 35 mm x D 3 mm

BodyH 83 mm x W 33 mm 

Weight: 0,500 kg

Producer: Securemme Italy