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Magnetic lock Bonaiti B-NO-HA-MINI

Magnetic lock Bonaiti B-NO-HA-MINI

Magnetic lock B-no-ha mini.

Appropriate to interior doors.

Finish: satin chrome

Producer: BONAITI SERRATURE SpA Italy    

Tax included

Invisible lock for interior doors - a new solution for the modern home!

No door handle needed.

Exceptional ease of use without additional force.

In the open position of the door, the latch is retracted into the body of the lock and is not visible.

It is the reason for the extremely quiet operation of the lock when opening and closing.

Available in two versions - PRIVACY and PASSAGE

Available with two counterweight variants: G992 or GR95, the counterweights are adjustable.

Colour: satin chrome

Weight: 1,100 kg

Manufacturer: BONAITI SERRATURE SpA Italy

4893805087 992 OCS

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