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Tormek Т-2 Заточваща машина

Tormek Т-2 Sharpening Machine

Tormek knife sharpening system

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 With over 40 years experience in sharpening, Tormek of Sweden has now developed a new knife sharpener, especially designed to meet the professional’s demand for sharpness and user friendliness. The concept is a further development of the diamond stone which in combination with an innovative guidance system (patent pending) enables a professional sharpening just when you need it!

With Tormek T-2, you get a professional grinding. The concept is a further development of the diamond stone, which in combination with an innovative guidance system (patented) enables you to have full control of the sharpening.

  • Quick and easy set up.
  • Professional sharpening.
  • Always a constant angle.
  • Diamond wheel - for highest sharpness.
  • Composite wheel - for polishing.
  • Full control of the knives.
  • Speedy sharpenieng, one minute is enough.
  • Silent running.
  • Maximum knives size: width from 14 mm to 60 mm, thickness max 3,5 mm.

 Fine-grained Diamond Wheel

 Optimized to provide a high level of sharpness and at the same time an     efficient steel removal, without removing more steel than necessary.

  Adjustable edge angle

 You can easily set your angle to suit the type of knife or usage. A larger edge   angle gives a stronger, more sustainable edge.

  Specially developed Composite Wheel

 With integrated polish that removes the burr.

  Sturdy handle

 Makes it easy for you to move the machine when needed.


Dimensions: Width 240 mm, Depth 210 mm, Height 285 mm;

Weight: 6.3 kg;

Grindstone: Tormek Diamond Wheel Fine DWF-200, Ø 200 x 40 mm, 120 rpm, torque 8.4 Nm.;

Honing wheel: Ø 160 x 30 mm;

Housing: Zinc cast top, impact resistant ABS plastic;

Motor: Industrial single phase, 120 W (input), 230 V, 50 Hz or 115 V, 60 Hz. Duty 30 min/hour. Maintenance free. Silent running, 54 dB. 10,000 hour life;

Warranty: 7 years. When used for a professional sharpening service the warranty is 2 years;

Please note that Tormek T-2 is intended for knife sharpening only. The machine is not campatible with Tormek's range of jigs and accessories. 

Tormek Т-2