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Т-8 Custom Sharpening Machine

Т-8 Custom Sharpening Machine

Tormek water cooled sharpening system

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Customize your own water-cooled sharpening system with Tormek T-8 Custom. This package enables you to create your own Tormek sharpening system, with your favorite accessories. Just add the grinding wheel, honing wheel, the right jigs, and your own creativity.

  • Create your own sharpening system.
  • Grinding wheel and honing wheel not included.
  • Sharpen all your edge tools.
  • Water-cooled sharpening with no risk of overheating the steel.
  • Exact replication – sharpen your tools with unbeatable precision.
  • Solid zinc frame and integrated mounts for controllable and accurate sharpening.
  • Powerful industrial AC motor for continuous use.
  • 8 year warranty, 5+3 after online registration.

Create your own Tormek T-8 Custom

The Tormek T-8 Custom includes a clean Tormek T-8 sharpening machine without a grinding wheel and honing wheel. In addition, the package includes just the essential Tormek accessories: the HB-10 Tormek Handbook on sharpening, the WM-200 AngleMaster to measure the edge angle, the US-105 Universal Support to give support for the jigs, and the Tormek instructional DVD. The rest is up to you to decide by just adding the other accessories separately.

Choose your grinding wheel

Every tool is unique. Add the grinding wheel that suits your needs. Maybe the all-round Original Grindstone with adjustable characteristics equivalent to 220 to 1000 grit? One of the durable and extremely hard Diamond Wheels? The Blackstone Silicon to quickly shape and sharpen HSS steel? Or the 4000 grit Japanese Waterstone for a mirror finish? The choice is yours!

Choose your honing wheel

A honing wheel is essential to remove the burr and get a sharp edge. The Leather Honing Wheel will get you the greatest possible sharpness and finish when used with the Honing Compound. The Composite Honing Wheel has integrated polish to remove the burr and is easy to use. Pick your favorite!

Tormek T-8 – A powerful and versatile sharpening system

The Tormek T-8 is a powerful and versatile water cooled sharpening system. The machine has a maintenance-free industrial AC motor, designed to drive the grinding wheel during continuous use. The powerful motor is tested for a 25,000 hour service life. The efficient system manages to maintain a constant speed, even under full load, thanks to its unique driving wheel. The motor and the characteristic Tormek drive system ensure you have years of silent and reliable operation.

Smart details, such as the Tormek EzyLock nut, which enables tool-free locking and unlocking of the grinding wheel, and the advanced water trough equipped with a screw lift and magnetic scraper, complete the Tormek T-8 as the ultimate sharpening system for all kinds of edge tools.

Please note that the grinding wheel, the honing wheel, and the jigs are not included with the Tormek T-8 Custom. Buy them separately to complete your system.

Selected features

Universal Support 
The base and support for all jigs. Enables unbeatable precision when sharpening.

Patented Precision Mounts
Ensures controllable and accurate sharpening.

With acme thread and a scale for precise edge angle setting.

Magnetic Scraper
Efficiently collects sharpening dust and makes it easy to clean the water trough.

Screw Lift 
Easily raise and lower the water trough.

Convenient, tool-free locking/unlocking of the grinding wheel.

Industrial AC Motor 
Maintenance-free. Minimal rpm loss under heavy load. Tested for a 25,000-hour service life.

Proprietary Drive Wheel
RKX18 rubber ensures years of silent and reliable operation.

Width 105/8" (270 mm)
Depth 105/8" (270 mm)
Height 111/4" (286 mm)

Shipping weight 25.4 lbs (11,5kg)
Machine only 21 lbs (9,3kg)

Main Shaft
Main shaft and EzyLock of stainless steel

Zinc cast top and frame
Sides in ABS plastic

Industrial single phase, AC 200 W (input)
Continuous duty
Maintenance free
Silent running, 54 dB
25,000 hour life

8-year warranty, 5 years + 3 years, upon registration at * Including professional use.

Tormek T-8 Custom

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